Begins June 2022
The One Africa Initiative of World Trade Centre Accra (WTC Accra)

The One Africa Initiative of World Trade Centre Accra (WTC Accra) is a series of trade missions across Africa that seek to create a platform for prominent businesses in Ghana to explore and cultivate new opportunities and expand operations to other African countries while offering companies across Africa a window to explore opportunities in Ghana. One Africa Initiative will allow businesses and economic development agencies in host countries to exchange trade and economic opportunities with their Ghanaian counterparts. Each trade mission will involve general and customized B2B and B2G meetings in collaboration with public agencies and business associations in host countries. The trade missions will also include industrial and field visits to acquaint participants with economic challenges/opportunities in the host country. WTC Accra’s One Africa Initiative will promote intra-Africa trade and economic cooperation, support the African Continental Free Trade (AfCTA) and serve as a roadshow for the upcoming General Assembly of the World Trade Centres Association (WTCA), which will be held in Ghana in April 2023.

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