As a key contributor to prosperity and inclusive economic growth in Africa through the promotion of good trade and business services, the WTC Accra provides a portfolio of services and facilities that are available to both member and non-member companies.
Prosperity through trade

Corporate Services

The formation of a company can be surprisingly complex. If you’re here from abroad and are looking to commence business, you must have noticed that no two markets are the same. As a result, procedures, timelines, languages, costs, and requirements can get in the way of a smooth operation.
If you plan to start a business in Ghana, the processes leading to incorporation, acquisition of licenses etc. can be very complicated if you are not working with expert advisors. It could be easy if you are relying on our expert support and guidance. We offer a full bouquet of corporate services to ensure that you can focus on your core business while we take care of the other important things you don’t want to deal with.

Serviced Offices

Through our wholly-owned subsidiary WTC Serviced Offices Limited, WTC Accra is a trend setter in Serviced Offices in Accra, Ghana. Our highly-trained staff employ innovative tools to efficiently and excellently manage large commercial facilities in order to enhance the life of the property, optimize return on investment and meet the demands and expectations of users. Do you have a property that needs expert management? Are you looking to rent or lease a commercial property in a prime location in Accra? Look no further! Contact WTC Accra via info@wtcaccra.com
Conference / Exhibition Center, Office Building / Tower, Completed Seminar / Meeting Rooms, Temporary Office Space, Member / Dining Club Facility and Restaurant

Trade Services

The WTCD is a member of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA), a non-profit, non-political association established in 1970. WTCA is dedicated to promoting peace and stability through global trade, whilst also enhancing economic growth and prosperity. A world leader in creating innovative services for international business, the WTCA connects more than 750,000 companies and organisations with a global network of over 320 World Trade Centers in over 100 countries around the world. 

With WebPort Global (WPG), you can easily search for and connect with peers who share a common focus and complementary commercial interests wherever they are in the world The dynamic web-based environment of WebPort Global helps companies connect globally and grow their businesses through exports. Within WPG, companies connect with experts, identify sales leads and showcase their products and services to a global audience. We are able to effectively connect buyers and sellers through our WebPort Global trade platform in partnership with hundreds of Trade Organizations with access to hundreds of thousands of companies in over sixty countries. If you are looking to find new suppliers and customers, WebPort Global can help.
Contact Edem via: eyevutsey@wtcaccra.com; info@wtcaccra.com.

Space Rentals

Move your business to Accra’s leading business address in the heart of Accra’s financial district and close to government ministries with business services support and conference facilities. Our WTC Accra facility is Accra’s leading business address situated in the heart of Accra’s financial district surrounded by the corporate headquarters’ of Ghana’s leading companies. The WTC Accra facility is a mere 2 minutes drive from Ghana’s Ministries Enclave with offices of almost all government ministries and key agencies; another 2 minutes drive from the central business district where most key distributors operate from and only 10 minutes from Ghana’s only international airport.

Virtual Offices for those always on the move
If you are starting up a business, working freelance, as a contractor, or a small to medium enterprise, then getting a virtual office is essential, and a must-have item on your to-do list. At our Virtual office, you can scale-up and grow your business at just a fraction of the cost in comparison to renting a physical office space. With tailored packages to suit a range of different levels of benefits, you can set-up quickly with the added reassurance of flexibility


Membership of WTC Accra is open to individual or corporate entities in good legal standing in the jurisdictions in which they operate, are not engaged in undesirable or illegal activities and are able to fulfil obligations of the WTC Accra Club membership. – Elite Club Membership, Premier Club Membership, Associate Club Membership, SME/Individual, Club Membership

Registration and Subscription Fees.

  1. All applicants shall pay a non-refundable registration fee
  2. All existing members shall be required to validate their membership annually by paying an annual subscription fee. The fee may be subject to change and club members will be notified accordingly
  3. Membership subscription is valid from January to December of every calendar year…
  4. Subscription fees are payable by the beginning of every year, but must be paid at least two weeks before the end of the calendar year to ensure receipt of a new card by the beginning of the new year.
  5. Members who are in default in the payment of their subscription fees shall not be entitled to any membership benefits.

Trade Expos & Missions

Our trade expos and missions are organized in partnership with government agencies, business associations and our network of 328 World Trade Centres around the world to expose participants to international business opportunities. We are the home of tradeshows, exhibitions and events. WTC Accra is the headquarters for hosting trade-oriented events, trade shows and exhibitions aimed at opening up new opportunities for local and international participants. Business always start right time. WTC Accra is also the number one promoter of business delegations from Africa to trade expos and tailor-made missions around the world. Our group trade mission services offer an ideal platform for business association, export agencies and companies from foreign countries to explore local business opportunities by getting introduced to business contacts and government officials. We are experts at facilitating targeted B-2-B, B-2-G and G-2-G engagements on behalf of foreign clients and providing market /importer /distributor information. Are you or your organization planning an opportunity-seeking business trip to or from Ghana or some other country in Africa? Talk to us and we will steer you towards your goals!

Training & Education

Ghana is fast becoming a business destination for emerging markets and WTC Accra is poised to spearhead workshops and trainings with the focus of filling knowledge gaps such as this. We are a leading provider of relevant professional education through workshops and seminars designed to build capacities of participants and provide continuous professional development to employees of companies in Ghana. Our workshops and seminars also provide a platform to share knowledge and opportunities to promote entrepreneurship, innovation and business growth. Find out about our upcoming training and education events by sending an email to info@wtcaccra.com.

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A key contributor to prosperity and inclusive economic growth in Africa through the promotion of good trade and business services.

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