Membership Rules


The name of this organization shall be World Trade Centre Accra (WTC Accra).



The office of the organization is located on Independence Avenue, in the city of Accra, Ghana.


World Trade Centre Defined

'World Trade Centre'is defined as one or more buildings or structures, of whatever type, kind, nature or design, providing for the centralized accommodation of international businesses as well as activities and services devoted to world trade and international investment. A World Trade Centre can operate as a building only or as a service providing organization only.



The vision is to establish an iconic world-class landmark of international business that makes a lasting impact on the local economy, leading to prosperity.



The mission is to create a one-stop shop for international trade and investment through a platform of expert services and world class office space; facilitate linkages between global and local businesses throughout the worldwide WTCA network, forging alliances to enhance economic growth.



WTC Accra intends to place all services associated with global commerce under one roof. It aims to bring together businesses and government agencies involved in international trade, provide essential trade services and stimulate the economy of Ghana. WTC Accra is poised to achieve the following objectives to accomplish its mission:

  • Provide supreme office space and serviced offices as well as conference facilities to enable local and foreign companies to conduct business at a global level
  • Promote the export of goods and services by supporting, training and advising companies, associations and economic development organizations in their activities in international markets through an integrated programme of export solutions
  • Become a bustling hub of international business activity through inbound and outbound trade missions
  • Promote the image of Ghana through World Trade Centres Association (WTCA), the largest trade organization in the world.

WTC Accra is a member-driven organization focused on enabling local and international businesses grow their revenues through international trade and investment.


Membership Categories and Fees

Membership of the WTC Accra shall be open to local and foreign corporate bodies, non-governmental organizations and others interested in the promotion of international business.


Membership Levels

There are currently four levels of membership, each defines the qualifications, benefits and duties set forth in the registration process.

a) Elite Club Member

b) World Class Member

c) Premier Member

d) Business Member


The table defines membership levels and annual subscriptions.



Staff strength

Annual Subscription ($)

No. of membership cards

Elite Club*


Minimum of $10,000


World-Class Member




Premier Member




Business Member

< 10




*Special Membership with the opportunity to make one-off payment and play a sponsorship role. Payment and some benefits are negotiable.



The World Trade Centre Accra reserves the right to review and modify its membership fees and benefits for each level of membership from time to time. Adequate notice shall be given to members of any changes in fees and/or benefits.


Conditions for Membership

a) All members shall fill in and sign a membership application form to WTC Accra

b) Members shall be accepted and level of membership/benefits determined based on membership criteria

c) Membership shall depend on up-to-date payment of all sums due to WTC Accra

(d) All members shall pay the annual subscription appropriate to the level of membership, the amount of which shall be determined by WTC Accra and reviewed from time to time.


Termination of Membership

Membership at any level shall cease if a member’s dues is in arrears for more than one(1) year.

A member may voluntarily terminate its membership by notifying WTC Accra in writing. Such termination shall take effect immediately. WTC Accra reserves the right to recover all outstanding debt owed it. Once membership has been terminated, readmission requires a new application form, subject to approval.

A member may be asked by WTC Accra to withdraw its membership, if it has acted in a way that is contrary to the rules WTC Accra.


Amendments to the rules

A prior notice shall be sent out in advance to all members of any proposed changes to these rules.