Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative technology that can significantly enhance business productivity across various industries. This webinar aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of how AI can be effectively applied to drive productivity gains, streamline operations, and optimize business processes. By exploring real-world examples, practical strategies, and emerging trends, this webinar will equip attendees with the knowledge and tools necessary to harness the power of AI for increased business productivity.

Target Audience

The webinar is designed for professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers across industries who are interested in leveraging AI to boost their organization's productivity.

Artificial Intelligence

Webinar Content

  1. Introduction to AI and Business Productivity
  2. AI Applications for Productivity Improvement
  3. Strategies for Successful AI Implementation
  4. Case Studies and Best Practices
  5. Emerging Trends in AI for Productivity Enhancement
Kumud Joseph Kujur: AI Expert, highly experienced with over 17 years experience across multiple industries including e-commerce/retail, contact center, supply chain, banking, insurance, finance, manufacturing, CRM, sales & marketing. He led projects worth million dollars, has a track record of building scalable AI solutions and leading high-performing global teams.
Artificial Intelligence


Shashikant Kalsha: CEO founder Director, Qodequay Technologies Pvt. Ltd. An Innovative, tech-savvy, and self-motivated User Experience Design-preneur with 23+ years of experience in creating great user-centered design solutions, user design processes and principles within the Information Technology industry. Design Thinking consultant, with a background playing different leadership roles for digital content development, marketing, and communications as well as areas of multimedia solutions across USA, Europe, Australia, and India.


Educate participants about the potential of AI in enhancing business productivity.

AI implementation

Showcase real-world examples and success stories of AI implementation for increased productivity.

Emerging Trends

Highlight emerging trends and innovations in AI for productivity enhancement.

AI technologies

Explore various AI technologies, tools, and techniques applicable to different business functions.


Discuss strategies for successfully integrating AI into existing business processes.


Provide practical insights on overcoming challenges and maximizing the benefits of AI.


"AI won't replace you but a person using AI will"

The webinar will be conducted as a live online event, allowing participants to join from anywhere. It will feature presentations by AI experts, industry practitioners, and thought leaders, along with interactive Q&A sessions and a panel discussion. The duration of the webinar will be approximately 2 hours.
Collaborations with AI-focused organizations, research institutions, and business networks will be sought to enhance the credibility and reach of the webinar. By attending this webinar, participants will gain valuable insights into how AI can be effectively applied to enhance business productivity, enabling them to stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.

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