Our vision is to establish iconic world-class landmarks of international business that makes a lasting
impact on the local economy and enhances prosperity.


Our mission is to create a one-stop shop for international trade and investment through a platform of expert services and world class office space; provide linkages between global and local businesses through the worldwide WTCA network; and forge alliances to enhance economic growth


WTC Accra intends to place all services associated with global commerce under one roof. It aims to bring together businesses and government agencies involved in international trade, provide essential trade services and stimulate the economy of Ghana. WTC Accra is poised to achieve the following objectives to accomplish its mission:

  • Provide supreme serviced offices as well as conference facilities to enable local and foreign companies to conduct business at a global level
  • Promote the export of goods and services by supporting, training and advising companies, associations and economic development organizations in their activities in international markets through an integrated programme of export solutions
  • Become a bustling hub of international business activity through inbound and outbound trade missions
  • Promote the image of Ghana through World Trade Centres Association (WTCA), the largest trade organization in the world.

WTC Accra pursues well thought-through strategies to grow its own business, and its members’ business using WTCA as a springboard to global expansion and revenue growth.

We act as a catalyst for international trade and by so doing,promote economic growth and prosperity. We expect our activities to make a major impact on the economy of Ghana, through:

  • Image: Promote the image of Ghana as a place for international business through the vast network of the WTCA
  • Job Creation: WTC Accra will attract a wave of new businesses into the country, boosting trade and foreign direct investment.
  • Attractiveness: Enhance the attractiveness of Accra, as the regional headquarters of multi-national corporations.
  • Increase Trade: The various services provided will increase the trade volume and the profitability of local companies.