On the 27th of January 1960, the Chairman of New York’s Downtown-Lower Manhattan Association (DLMA) used the designation World Trade Center (WTC) to describe a facility that would stimulate international commerce by bringing together government agencies and organisations engaged in foreign trade. As time went on, more and more cities bought into the idea and became increasingly interested in developing similar projects in order to create wealth for their economic regions. This led to the establishment of several WTCs in many major cities and economic regions across the world.

With the rapid growth of Accra over the years, there have been many attempts from 2000 to establish a WTC so as to promote international trade and create wealth for the city’s 4 million inhabitants.

Mr. Kurt Merki, a WTC project coordinator at the time, revealed details of one of such projects at the Ghana Shippers' Council celebration in Accra in 2001. Unfortunately, the construction and operation of a WTC in the Kotoka International Airport area in Accra, which was scheduled to take two years to complete, never materialized.

It was not until 2008 that World Trade Centre Accra (WTC Accra), led by its Chairman Togbe Afede XIV, acquired a license from the World Trade Centre Association (WTCA), New York, to operate a WTC in Accra. Subsequent to the license acquisition, WTC Accra entered into agreement with Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), a statutory public Trust in Ghana charged with the administration of the country’s basic national pension scheme, to brand and operate SSNIT’s sixteen-floor office block on the Independence Avenue as a WTC.

Having complied with the provisions of Section 27 & 28 of Ghana’s Companies Code (1963), WTC Accra acquired its Certificate of Incorporation from the Registrar General’s Department on 22nd May 2008. The following day, the company was also certified as a Limited Liability Company to commence operations in Accra.